Program Management

Trenchant Analytics possesses significant experience assisting the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security with the formulation and execution of their research and development programs.  We provide strategic planning services to develop technical, financial, and programmatic materials; source selection planning, organization, technical and cost analyses; source selection facilitation and preparation of related documents; hosting of workshops; formulation of program budget inputs; creation of internal agency program approval and funding documents; and services for developing and maintaining expenditure plans and obligation/expenditure tracking.  Trenchant also provides team leadership skills to help our customers formulate mission objectives, managing team tasking assignments and tracking program progress toward goals and objectives.  We excel in oversight of research efforts by performing periodic program reviews, cost-benefit analysis, contract performance measurement, and earned value assessments.

Systems Engineering and Technical Support

Trenchant Analytics assists its customers with cradle-to grave systems engineering and technical analysis.  This begins with the development of novel concepts for responding to evolving and emerging operational requirements.  We help our customers formulate new programs, define relevant milestones, assess programmatic and technical risk, estimate operational impacts, and create technology transfer road maps.  Trenchant has substantial experience evaluating the merit of research and development methodologies, the realism of proposed objectives, and in structuring and leading program reviews to increase the probability that program deliverables will satisfy user requirements.  We have a proven track record of systems engineering successes in the fields of information assurance and cyber-operations, aeronautical engineering, modeling and simulation, unmanned systems technologies, operational assessments, test engineering, and technology maturation.

Trenchant Analytics offers these capabilities to assist our clients in meeting their research and development objectives.  Our experience spans management support from seedling R&D efforts to major DOD (ACAT-1D) programs, supporting the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the United States Air Force, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Naval Research Laboratory.